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CreatorBuk is a collective of people who are passionate about the things you like. We are for creators ranging from animation, photography, film, music and audio to art and technology.

Our specialists know how to deal with different issues so that you receive the right answer fast. They also know what it takes to make solutions for you.

Our Goal

Creativity is at the heart of every mind. To bring these ideas into reality, we at Creatorbuk are focused on provide you with every tool needed. For us, t’s not about making sales, we believe in putting our customer first. We  do this by recommending tools unique to your workflow.

Creatorbuk is more than a store. It is a place, where people who love their craft in the industry meet &  share ideas.

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Norwich Union, Opp Hilton Hotel,
First Floor Room 5, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254 (0) 718 575602

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