Aputure Lantern 90 (3′)

  • 3-Foot Diameter
  • 1-Stop White Translucent
  • Includes Skirt for Controlling Light
  • Near 360° Beam Angle
  • Built-In Bowens Speed Ring
  • For Hanging Overhead
  • For LEDs or Strobe

KSh 19,000.00

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The Aputure Lantern 90 is a 90cm omni-directional soft light modifier that uses the same quick-build system as the Aputure Lantern and features an even larger surface area to provide an even softer volumetric lighting solution to instantly light up large spaces.

Quick-build design. The Lantern design is one of the fastest soft light modifiers to set up, making it perfect for fast-paced shoots, whether used as a key light or an ambient fill light.

Hook-and-loop skirt. Like the Aputure Lantern, the Lantern 90 is one of the only omnidirectional modifiers on the market to include a fully adjustable hook-and-loop fabric light control skirt, making eliminating light spill incredibly simple.

Main Features
  • – 90cm (3 ft) Diameter to Produce Even Softer Light
  • – Included 1-Stop Fabric Diffusion to Soften Output and Minimize Light Loss
  • – Included Removable Hook-and-Loop Fabric Light Control Skirt for Precise Soft Light Control
  • – Quick-Build Design to Set Up in Seconds
  • – Compatible with Aputure Bowens Mount lights, including the LS 600d Pro, C300d II, 300x, & C120d II
In The Box
  • 1x Lantern 90 Spring Cage
  • 1x Lantern 90 1-Stop Diffusion Cover
  • 1x Lantern 90 Hook-and-Loop Skirt
  • 1x Lantern 90 Carrying Bag