Jinbei CK-3 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Studio C Stand

  • Can be used as a gallows or lamp tripod
  • Ideal for uneven ground conditions
  • Infinitely adjustable up to 320 centimeters height
  • Maximum load capacity 20 kg
  • Height-adjustable tripod leg

KSh 25,000.00

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Features & Compatibility

The Jinbei CK-3 Profi C-Stand gallows tripod made of robust steel belongs to the upper class of the Jinbei studio tripods and is a lamp and gallows tripod in one. It has tripod legs that can be rotated around the center column, one of which is additionally adjustable in height.

With the height-adjustable tripod leg, you can easily compensate for uneven floors. The tripod stands with an ideal center of gravity on inclined planes or surfaces of different heights such as stairs or slopes. In this way, you can achieve a stable, space-saving and fast construction in front of walls, walls or obstacles.

The lamp tripod can be adjusted in height between 147.5 and 320 centimeters with a few simple steps. For better grip, the center column below the first section lock is covered with rubber. Two cable clamps hold hanging cables directly on the tripod and prevent dangerous trip hazards on the set.


Laterally, obliquely or directly frontally from the front, from high up or low down near the ground, with the CK-3 gallows tripod you can quickly position your light source in all positions without the tripod getting in your way. For this purpose, the gallows can be rotated 360 degrees and swivelled up or down by 180 degrees.


Attach the gallows arm to the lamp tripod with one of the two clamping heads from the scope of delivery. The second head is used for the flexible installation of light sources or accessories such as reflectors on the boom. The CK-3 is designed for a total load of a maximum of 20 kilos.